The Initial Ecological Appraisal provides a general overview of the habitats on site and assesses the proposed development’s potential to impact on protected species and what surveys and/or mitigation measures may be required. This service can be particularly useful at the very early stage of a project (even pre-purchase) as it will identify what (if any) detailed ecological surveys will be required. This allows the timing and cost implications to be factored in at an early stage, thereby reducing the risk of future delays.


The Initial Ecological Appraisal involves a desk based study of OS and aerial mapping and a site visit, (where access can be arranged). This enables an assessment of habitats in the surrounding area, particularly ponds and or other watercourses which may support protected species such as great crested newt or water vole. The survey establishes the habitats on site and the potential for any protected species to be associated with the site and/or the surrounding habitats.


CES produce a succinct appraisal report which details the species that may be associated with the site and the requirement for further survey/appraisal effort in respect of these species. The report includes a table which clearly displays this information, along with potential licensing and/or mitigation implications for protected species and/or habitats at the site. Indicative timeframes and costs for each element are also presented. It should be noted, that this report is not typically designed to be submitted as part of a planning application.

Please contact us to discuss your specific project or to request a quotation for conducting an Initial Ecological Appraisal.

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