The type of survey required will depend on the location and scale of development. If you are unsure of your requirements, please contact us to discuss your project. From an initial scoping survey to on-going management of mitigation sites, CES can provide the services you need to deliver your project.

When determining planning applications the local planning authority (LPA) has a responsibility to ensure that the proposals will not impact upon legally protected wildlife and habitats. Depending on your development proposals and the location of your site, the LPA may require an ecology report to be submitted with your planning application. Different authorities or planning officers sometimes use different terms for ecological surveys. You may be asked for a specific survey such as a bat survey or you may be asked for something more generic like a biodiversity survey, ecology survey or habitat survey.

CES Ecology can review your site and advise on the most appropriate type of survey. Usually most sites require an extended phase 1 habitat survey but this isn’t always the case. For certain sites, an initial ecological appraisal may be more appropriate.  Contact a member of the CES team to discuss your development project.

Certain surveys are seasonal and can only be conducted at certain times of year. Our survey calendar shows when surveys should be done, but please contact us to discuss your specific project.

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